John Wooden’s 7 Rules to Live By

John Wooden was regarded as one the greatest college basketball coaches of all time1. He attributed much of his success to a framework he called the Pyramid of Success.  That philosophy was influenced by 7-Rules to Live By given to him by his father.

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Extreme Ownership – Book Summary

Extreme ownership is the linchpin of high-performance leadership. Leaders should be disciplined about embracing the mindset of extreme ownership. And, they should instill that mindset into the culture of their team.

Extreme ownership is about empowering the team. It’s also about taking full responsibility for every outcome, blaming no one when the outcome is bad.

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Work The System – Book Summary

What if you could re-engineer your life to create exactly the life and career you want? The underlying assertion of Work the System: The Simple Mechanics of Making More and Working Less is that the world, and our lives, are made up of systems and not isolated occurrences. Those systems: professional, financial, social, biological and mechanical, are all ours to control or not.

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