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Unveiling the Secrets How to Market Your Business: “Making Them Believe” – A Book Summary

Making Them Believe, by Dan Kennedy and Chip Kessler, tells the captivating story of Dr. John Brinnkley, an audacious charlatan who remarkably became one of the wealthiest doctors in America through the power of marketing. But this book is more than a tale of a dubious medical entrepreneur; it is a treasure trove of marketing wisdom that could revolutionize how to market your business.

The Charlatan with a Vision

Part one of the book shares the remarkable story of Dr. John Brinnkley. With audacity and determination, he marketed a goat testicle transplant as a cure for impotence.

He built an empire of surgical facilities, drug store franchises, and radio stations on deception. While his actions were fraudulent and disturbing, his life is a lesson in captivating audiences using extraordinary marketing techniques.

Decoding Brinnkley's Ingenious Marketing Techniques

The second part of Making Them Believe delves into the core of Dr. Brinnkley's marketing techniques. The book identifies 21 fundamental marketing principles that paved the path to his remarkable success. These timeless techniques may be the key to unlocking your business's potential.

Here are the 21 Principles Identified by Kennedy and Kessler:

  1. Present yourself as an authority
  2. Create a strong call to action
  3. Embrace personal promotion
  4. Promise that your product or service is the solution to your customer’s problem
  5. Sell deeper meanings
  6. Elevate yourself using the media
  7. Multiply yourself using the media
  8. Properly prepare your prospects
  9. Give reasons to believe to people who want to believe
  10. Showcase dramatically successful examples
  11. Have the audacity to share big ideas and big promises
  12. Make the price unimportant
  13. Capitalize on elitism
  14. Making news and being the news
  15. Be of your time and in your place
  16. Make whatever you've got work
  17. Be admired as a fighter
  18. Create powerful positioning
  19. Creative respond to setbacks
  20. Be relentless in your follow up
  21. Perfect a system

Kennedy and Kessler expand on each principle, showing you how you can apply them to any business.

Translating Brinkley's Wisdom - How to Market Your Business

"Making Them Believe" is more than just a fascinating read. Using Dr. John Brinnkley captivating story, Kennedy and Kessler empower us with a practical guide to applying powerful marketing insights that can transform any business, regardless of its size or industry.

By adopting these principles, you can create marketing campaigns that persuade and engage potential customers, driving them to embrace your products and services. The path to business success is not just about offering the best product or service; it's about crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience and ignites their belief in you.

Take charge, follow these invaluable principles, and unlock the true potential of your business. The world may just be waiting for you to make them believe.

Key Action Step:

You may not like the man, John Brinnkley.  You may not agree with his marketing tactics, but there is one key lesson that any business would be wise to heed. With each of his marketing principles Brinkley included strict follow up systems.  His marketing was not a bunch of random acts, they are were of a well-designed process. Take some time to review your marketing efforts.  Are the part of an overall strategy, or piecemeal?  Do you have a strict system for follow up, or is it haphazard? Decide and take action on one thing you can do to create a strategic marketing system.  If you need help, hire a coach.


  • Full Title - Making Them Believe: The 21 Principles and Lost Secrets of Dr. J.R. Brinnkley-Style Marketing
  • Author - Dan Kennedy & Chip Kessler
  • Publisher - Glazer Kennedy (April 30, 2010)
  • Pages - 307

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