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Connect: The Secret LinkedIn Playbook

Quick Summary of Connect: The Secret LinkedIn Playbook

Become a leader in your industry by using a combination of LinkedIn and webinars to build business relationships and generate sales.  Use the tools to connect and build relationships.  Establish trust and position yourself as a leader.  The sales will be a by product of that connection.

My Notes on this Book

Following you'll find my key takeaways from The Magic of Thinking Big.  My notes are informal and include key points, quotes from the book, passages I found useful and applicable lessons.  I am currently reading this book and will update my notes periodically.

  • Relationships are a valuable asset that need to be nurtured and managed to grow.
  • Create a system to combine your online and offline networking.
  • Consumers of high ticket items want a relationship with the people they are doing business with.  "Customers don't need relationship with you to by a $5 product."
  • People are more cooperative with people in their own community and more combative with people outside their community.
  • Don't fight human nature, work with it.
  • "All other things being equal, the more familiar an item is, the more attractive it is.  People prefer a face they have seen ten times to equally attractive faces they've only seen five times."  Dr. Elliot Aronson in the book, The Social Animal.
  • The point above is the reason you need to be consistent in your marketing.  Frequency is more important than reach.
  • Priming: The more someone is exposed to something the more likely they are to agree with it.  "The higher the exposure, the deeper the trust."
  • "The true value of technology in marketing is relationship building."


Full Title: Connect: The Secret LinkedIn Playbook to Generate Leads, Build Relationships, and Dramatically Increase Your Sales

Author: Josh Turner

Publisher: Lioncrest Publishing (June 11, 2015)

Pages: 170

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