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How good do you want to be?  That’s a tough question and an important one. 

How good do you want to be personally?  What about professionally? Consider how good you want to be in your relationships with your family and friends.

How good do you want to be in your career, financially?  What about in your spiritual life?

You are Capable of More

You were put on this planet for a purpose, we all were. We all have unique abilities, desires, hopes, and dreams. Those characteristics are hints to our purpose. And, the beauty is, we all have the ability to achieve that purpose.

We all have unlimited potential waiting to tapped.  We are limited only by our capacity.

Increase Your Capacity

Improving performance is about increasing your capacity. Imagine you’re holding a measuring cup.  Now, imagine you take that measuring cup to a swimming pool.  If you were to dip it into the pool, you would pull out exactly one cup.  That’s its capacity.  No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to get more water into that cup.

To get more water out of the pool you’d need to use a larger vessel, let’s say a bucket.  When you use the bucket, you’ve increased the capacity.

And, that is the key to tapping into your potential.

You are capable of more.  You haven’t even scratched the surface of your potential.  This website is about ways to increase capacity, tap into potential and maximize performance in every area of life.

Identify Your Purpose

I mentioned earlier that you were put on this planet for a purpose. We know it intuitively.  We’ve all felt a special spark inside us aching to get out.  We’ve all experienced times of flow. 

All too often we dismiss that flow and those sparks as occasional serendipity. But, what if you didn’t dismiss it.  What if you explored it, tapped into it, used it and lived it?  How would that serve you, your family, your community, and the world?

This is a website about exploring your unique abilities, your desires and your values to identify your purpose.

Live a Fulfilling Life

What if you took the time to identify your purpose? What if each day you worked at increasing your capacity, just a little so that you could improve your performance? And, what if you aligned your performance with your purpose? Wouldn’t that lead to a fulfilling life? this is a website about fulfillment.

I Have a Confession

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius has become a guide of sorts for those who follow the stoic philosophy, and millions have implemented the teachings from that book.  But, Marcus Aurelius wrote the book for himself. He wrote the Meditations as a reminder of the life he wanted to lead.

Benjamin Franklin outlined 13-virtues that have become a guiding principle of success for millions.  He created that list as a guide for himself.

I’m confident that this website will help you improve your performance, identify your purpose and lead to fulfillment. And, I hope it does. That said, I created it for me.

I’ve created this website as my own laboratory of success. A way for me to document what works, and as a reminder of the life I want to lead – a life of performance, purpose and fulfillment.

I’ve been a life-long learner and a student of personal growth.  I’ve read thousands of books, attended hundreds of seminars, and taken scores of courses.  I’m using this website to document what I’ve learned and used.

I’ve coached hundreds of High-Performers over more than a decade.  And, I’ve noticed specific frameworks and processes that almost always lead to an increase in capacity and an improvement in performance.  I am using this website to document those winning philosophies and strategies.

Finally, I’ve searched and tested tool after tool to see which increase my effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.  I am using this website to document those.

I’d Like to Invite You on the Journey

If a life of performance, purpose and fulfillment resonates with you, I’d love for you to join me along the path.

Explore the website. Take a look at some of my favorite books and tools. Read the book summaries I’ve created. Review and comment on the articles I’ve written. And above all, share some of your strategies of success.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to increase your capacity, tap into your potential, improve your performance, pursue your purpose and live a fulfilling life, then let’s get started. After all, you have the potential, the only question is, how good do you want to be?

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One Last Thing

I have been fortunate to serve as a Business Coach, the Director of Coaching, and the Vice President of Coaching at Buffini & Company for more than a decade.  But, this is my personal website and blog.  The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of my employer.  I have a couple of other disclaimers here.