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Strategic Performance is about creating a strategy to do the following:

  • Improve your performance.
  • Identify your purpose.
  • Align your performance with your performance.
  • Lead a fulfilling life.

Finding Fulfillment

“What one can be, one must be.”

— Abraham Maslow

In 1943 psychologist Abraham Maslow published “The Theory of Human Motivation.” In that paper he proposed a hierarchy of human needs. Near the top of the pyramid of needs was self-actualization.

Maslow defined self-actualizaton as the realization of one’s full potential. It is when what you do aligns with your reason for being. Fulfillment occurs when what you are striving to achieve aligns with your purpose.

Is That All There Is?

Have you ever had the feeling that there had to be more to life? Have you ever felt you were capable of more?

If you’ve ever had those feelings, it is likely that you are searching for fulfillment.

I believe we were all put on this planet for a purpose, and endowed with the unique gifts and abilities to fulfill that purpose. The challenge is to identify your purpose, identify your gifts and abilities, and then act.

What is Your Strategy?

Most people approach their business and their life without a strategy. They haven’t defined the game they want to play and why. They aren’t intentional about where they play the game, or who they play with.

And so they struggle, and feel unfulfilled.

Strategic Performance is about identifying the game you want to play (your purpose), what winning looks like, where you play, and who is playing with you.

If that sounds like something you want to pursue, let’s get started.

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