8 Favorite Podcasts

Here is a curated list of my eight favorite podcasts. These podcasts encompass a variety of topics. I explain why I like each one and link to any favorite episodes. I update this list regularly.

The Brian Buffini Show – Yes I work for Brian Buffini, no that is not the reason I am recommending it. The Brian Buffini Shows focused on the mindset, motivation, and methodologies of success. Every weekly episode is packed with useful information and applicable action steps. My favorite episodes include: Take a Bite Out of Life, How to Have a Great 2019, Coaching You Up (yes, I am a guest on this episode).

The Knowledge Project – Hosted by Shane Parrish. This podcasts focuses on strategies for learning and applying information. Among my favorite episodes is Becoming a Model Thinker.

Big Questions with Cal Fussman

10xTalk – with Dan Sullivan and Joe Polish

The Ed Mylet Show

The One You Feed – Hosted by

Exponential Wisdom – Hosted by Peter Diamandis

The James Altucher Show

I listen to my podcasts on PocketCasts. You can learn why I like it best by checking out the tools section of my website.